Sunday, May 6, 2012


And then I would feel guilty and take it ALL back again....

Story of my life!

I don't want it and I don't want you to have it either.....
So as bad as it seems there are days when I want somebody else to carry the load. 
Problem is I don't feel they could handle it!
I don't think they could handle what Fibromyalgia does to the Body, Soul and the Spirit!
I believe WE have this illness for a reason beyond what WE understand.  There is a greater 
understanding beyond our reality of knowledge.  WE were chosen for a reason and believe it or not the strength it takes to endure Fibromyaliga is beyond words. 
WE are all on a very long, unfair, sacrificing journey together....

I BELIEVE together WE can make a difference.  After all isn't that what life is about?
Loving your neighbor, brother, sister, friend or stranger... Basically everyBODY!

FIBROMYALGIA is making this happen...
WE can not do this alone!

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