Friday, March 21, 2014

The Fibromyalgia Spectrum

I wanted to share a post made from Haullie Volker creator of Facebook page....Voices of Fibromyalgia.

Thank you Haullie Voices of Fibromyalgia for writing such an amazing, well articulated story based on my beliefs of color and what they represent to me with Fibromyalgia and Fibro Colors.
You truly gave me an heart felt gift and I appreciate every single word of what you wrote.
Bless you! <3 <3 <3

Haullie writes....
I was on the phone yesterday with my friend Cindy, the owner of the page FIBRO COLORS which is one of my favorite pages. You can visit it here at: - She reminded me so much of myself and we had so many things in common. We talked for 4 and a half hours, it was great. I asked her if I could share this story on my page because I feel it's very important and encouraged her to also write about it because the wisdom I took away from it I will carry with me for a lifetime and she said she was thinking about it but that I could share and make a pic about it because I was so inspired. This is amazing!

**Click here to go to "Voices of Fibromyalgia"** 

THE STORY: So I asked her out of curiosity, "Why did you name your page Fibro Colors?" I was so surprised by her amazing answer and the meaning behind this title. She told me that she decided to call it Fibro Colors because fibromyalgia had such a large SPECTRUM of diversity amongst people and the symptoms that follow this illness. She told me that for example the color red can make you think of pain or anger, the color yellow can make you think about a non-flare day, blue can make you think about depression, green can make you think about nutrition, purple can make you think about empowerment, and so on and so forth and that those colors are unique to the people who identify with them so say I think red makes me think of something like pain, for someone else, red could make them think of something completely different but the whole point is that all-together the colors make up the spectrum of Fibromyalgia which is extremely complicated to live with.

She also told me she needed color in her life. That fibromyalgia is already such a dark illness to live in every single day, so she surrounds herself with color everywhere and is in touch with her inner child. She told me her entire house is colorful and every single room is painted a different color and the colors brighten her mood when she feels like all is dark in the illness. She said she is always surrounded by arts and crafts to distract her from the pain and bring more color into her life so Fibro Colors has double meaning to her. I was truly blown away by her spirit and wisdom. I was inspired by her. I remember I posted a picture of someone's drawing one time and it had the word "PAIN" across it and it was so colorful but there was barbed wire, nails, DNA strands...ect. And someone said to me, "I don't know why you posted that, there's nothing colorful about living with fibromyalgia." Well, I beg to differ.

 Fibromyalgia is very colorful. It has every color and in between. Not to mention, it affects everyone on the planet. Every race, both sexes, even children. It has no boundaries. Then I told her that is too weird because I never ever thought about it before and if you look at my timeline cover for Voices of Fibromyalgia there's a rainbow of people's faces. So it's like subconsciously maybe I was. We had a good laugh about that and I thanked her because now even that has new meaning for me now.

 And she taught me the most important lesson of all. To see the good in the spectrum. Don't let fibro steal all your colors. Give some of those colors to the things that make you unique. Like the ability to sympathize with others, or appreciate things you didn't before this illness took so much from you. You possess colors inside of you that are radiating out like the chakras. Thank you Cindy for this wisdom. We will all carry it with us forever. Please feel free to click on the link below to visit her facebook page. It is truly remarkable and one of the greatest fibromyalgia communities there is.

 Love & Support, Haullie

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