Saturday, May 5, 2012


When I think of the word TRUTH I think of clarity.
I use to research high and low for information on Fibromyalgia.
I use to keep notes and write suggestions down hoping to make something better for myself.  I would try nearly any medication the Doctor offered or treatment.   I basically at a very young age was very naive to others based on medical degrees of expertise. 
I am not a naive person by nature.
Actually I am a very logical, realistic, right to the fact kind of person.  I have basically no tolerance for suggestions from people based off no suffering from Fibromyalgia... I find it is so easy for others to give advise or suggest things based off not dealing with this diagnosis at all.  It seems we have so many people trying to make money off basically anything that TRUTH is left behind.  I know honesty hurts sometimes and I will be the first to say it is not fun sometimes to tell somebody either.  I had my husband die to cancer and not one Nurse or Doctor be honest with me and just simply tell me the TRUTH.  They stole something and I can never get it back...
I am talking about time to talk and discuss things that needed to be dealt with.
I have been on total disability since I was 20 or 24 years now.  I am beyond tired of hearing people suggest things to me when they haven't a clue whatsoever what Fibromyalgia is like.

I BELIEVE U need to go through in order to fully understand... 

I am not saying the ones of us that support us have no understanding because they do to a point.  They know we never feel good and we suffer they just don't understand how debilitating it really is to the Soul of the sufferer... I do also believe their Soul suffers as well for lack of being able to fix our problems...
I wouldn't wish this burden on a living Soul!

When I refer to people giving suggestions I am referring to the ones that think they just some how know all.  It is kind of like GOD came down and spoke to them personally on all the answers.  Gosh wouldn't that be great if it was true! But to be honest it is not... 

I know a lot of people are out there believing there is a "magic pill" available.  But the TRUTH is there is not... So many people are taking so many different kinds of medicines just hoping one of them is the cure... As of now there is no cure!  I believe there are solutions to getting our health back to a point of wellness.  This of course takes great willpower, knowledge and perseverance.  I believe our immune systems are the first and only thing that will help us... I am not saying there are not certain things we can do to help our bodies.... I am saying nothing works without the immune system working.
WE do not sleep.  Therefore we do not heal!  WE do not heal because our immune system is shut down and in flight or fight mode.  The continual stress, anxiety, depression and despair only helps destruct us further.... 
I am on a mission to put together things that really work!

I am not saying I have all the answers but I do have some that do work for me!

I do believe there are places we can go to that could make the world of a difference to our health.  The only problem is being able to afford that luxury! 

If you were to know me you would find I am always watching and listening trying to learn.  I believe everybody has a purpose and everybody has something to be gained from another Soul.  I believe whether it is a learning lesson or knowledge it is important.  After all we are all in this together and just what if that one person has something that will make a huge difference in our lives... Think about it what if the chance comes and your not listening or in the moment as best as you can be?
You, Me and everybody else will miss it!
I do not give up... Yes I do have depression and a dark cloud called Monster. 
I just wanted to let everybody know I am watching and listening.  I don't take anything for granted and neither should you. 

If you have suggestions you would like to give I want to hear about them!

I believe the smallest thing can make the hugest difference.  I am ready are you?

"There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...
Not going all the way
Not starting.


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