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Did U know that most of us have Paresthesia....

Paresthesia---- is a sensation of tingling, burning, pricking, or numbness of a person's skin with no apparent long-term physical effect. It is more generally known as the feeling of "pins and needles" or of a limb "falling asleep."

Paresthesia is very common in Fibromyalgia!
I have heard many people over the years talk about how this affects them.
I do not know of many Doctors that share this information with us.  Most Doctors throw everything into a garbage basket term.... Fibromyalgia!  Over the years nearly every issue I have had has been given to me as "Cindy this is another part of Fibromyalgia." 

My issues with Paresthesia come and go....
My problem is the burning that goes down both legs.  It feels like a severe sunburn!
This problem can actually affect everybody anywhere on their body. 

Paresthesia is usually moderate discomfort which can be helped by using......

Sublingual Vitamin B12
Caspian cream
Aloe Vera 

Warm or Cold baths
Heating pad 

Bed Buddy Bed Buddy: Hot/Cold Pack My favorite thing!

Paresthesia that is severe should be dealt with by a Neurologist! 
At this point medicines are usually used to help control the symptoms.

These nerve sensations can drive us crazy at times.  I am VERY sensitive to touch... I honestly hate it when I am touched unexpectedly! I have had to have many EMG nerve tests done on me over the years.  I HATE THEM!
I nearly go hysterical due to the severity of the pain I endure during the test and after.
I am bruised everywhere the testing is done and I always need physical therapy after being tested.

I will tell you of a time in my life that was very dark... My husband had died and I needed to have another EMG done.  I was a nervous mess because I absolutely hate this test and I went to the appointment already on edge.  The Doctor I got was young possibly in his mid 30's and apparently well educated.  I found that when we were going through a brief list of problems I was having the Doctor started to become agitated.  I didn't understand because I have a very EASY time with nearly anybody I encounter.  I was just about to get on the table for the test and he said "So U were put on Total disability at age 20?" I said yes!  He then said " So does your ASS hurt?" I said no! He then repeated the question again with my answer being the same.  Next question came at me "So if somebody was to touch your ass it wouldn't hurt?" again I said no!  Then out of nowhere he used his two index fingers and pushed into my ass.  I screamed, I literally went spastic everywhere.  I couldn't calm down and I couldn't breathe.  I can only explain that feeling as what it must be like to be zapped with lightening.  He immediately was overcome with sadness and grief.  I know he was because he nearly started to cry.  He was as shaken up as I was.  He later after figuring out a way to calm me.  He explained he has patients sometimes quadriplegics that can't get disability and when he seen how young I was and how good I looked he found himself upset with me.  He told me he couldn't believe I was disabled!  I was not able to have the EMG test done due to how that one incident happened but the Doctor actually learned something from me that would end up being very important for other Fibromyalgia patients... He told me never again would he ever do something like he did!  He told me he couldn't base anything anymore due on looks.  I never went back to him because he lost my trust.  It wasn't that I thought he would hurt me it was just once trust is gone from me there is nothing more! 

I kind of got off track but I wanted to show my sensitivity threshold.  Paresthesia doesn't make a lot of sense because it is usually associated with nerve damage and this isn't a part of Fibromyalgia.
It is believed Central Sensitization is the cause of Paresthesia.
Central Sensitization--- This is an over-active central nervous system.

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