Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fibro Poem

Fab fibro poem…

By Hannah Hill

As a Fibromyalgia sufferer I do not want your sympathy; I just want you to understand who I am because I may forget.

Yesterday I may have been limping, today I may be skipping, and tomorrow I may be having a sofa day.

Yesterday I may have been on top of the world, today I may want to stay indoors; tomorrow I may not be able to get out of bed.

Although my pain is all over, yesterday my leg may have been hurting more than my arm, today it’s my head; tomorrow it may be my back.

Yesterday I was able to make a three course meal; today it’s a frozen meal, tomorrow its Jam and bread.

Yesterday I climbed a mountain, today I may manage a mile, and tomorrow I may manage a smile.

Yesterday I may have been engaging in great conversation, today I may forget my words, tomorrow I may have forgotten we spoke.

It’s not easy living with Fibromyalgia, even harder when others do not understand you!!

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