Monday, February 17, 2014


Living with Chronic pain is a constant unknown stress. We never know from one minute to the next how we are going to be doing. Life just keeps on going and it does not halter or stop regardless of how we are doing. I feel both of these statements apply to all of us. Life is progressing and things we might have been able to do are no longer feasible and if they are they come with a cost. This cost is something we get no control over what-so-ever. I also find Life is trying to run us over at times. It seems everything is out of our control and it does not matter if we choose to do something or not we end up paying either way with pain and discomfort. One thing I have learned is I have to keep pushing onward no matter what Fibro dishes out my way. I have days I can do some things and I have days like now where I can't do anything.
Remember, Be Good to You!
~Cindy Bremer

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