Sunday, February 16, 2014

I am finally back!
I made this blog in April of 2012 shortly after making my Pinterest. I had no idea on how to make a blog let alone how to set it up. As most of you know I just started putting information and my thoughts on Fibromyalgia. I had no idea when I made FibroColors on Facebook so much time and effort would go into that page. I kept coming back to all of you and telling you I was back, but that was short lived. 

Being I didn't know much about blogs and how to do them I felt I was doing it wrong and wanted to find a more structural way to use it. I believe I have done this. I know all of you have seen posts disappearing off the page and I am sorry! I have been taking things off and modifying them for a better running informational blog. Please be patient with me as I am changing things left and right to better accommodate the page. For all of you that have written me personal messages over the past year Thank you!

I want all of you to know I am open to suggestions at this point. If you know of something I could be doing that would make things easier I would appreciate it. I hope and pray each of you are doing good and that your health is working for you instead of against you.
Nothing like a fresh try again!

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