Friday, June 8, 2012


Is it TOMORROW yet?
This is all I have been saying to myself all day!
I over did it with walking and both of MY fractured feet are swollen and I am back to NOT being able to walk. I have to wait to see another Specialist because MY DR doesn't understand why they are NOT healing and everything is blamed on Fibro.
I do NOT want any of U to ever think I am NOT angry, disappointed, discouraged or full of despair at times... Because I am! I do try MY best to keep a positive attitude and I do push myself through everything Fibro throws at ME. I find it ridiculous that the medical field has NO idea how to help ME. I am NOT saying there are NOT great DR'S out there but as soon as they hear the words Fibromyalgia I am classified under other thoughts.
OK I am done venting... I hope ALL of U are doing good!
Remember WE are ALL in this together just different levels of different issues of different pain on different days.
BE GOOD to yourselves. ♥ Cindy

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