Thursday, June 28, 2012


I hope Today was a good day for ALL of U.
For ME... I have been putting off going through things that need to be addressed or dealt with... It seems I tend to procrastinate when papers need to be sorted and dealt with. I always use the same excuse! I will do it as soon as I can focus better because I want to read some of the paperwork. So MY way of dealing with these papers is I put them in a big rubber maid container which I forget to dump over and look through. I find when I do decide to go through it I get overwhelmed and don't want to do it. I never use to procrastinate but since Fibromyalgia everything has changed as far as structured discipline. So I play a continuous endless cycle with myself. I dump the container, I look through some information, I get overwhelmed, I pick the stuff back up and close the container. YES! U might be thinking why don't U put it in a file cabinet? Good question because I do have one in MY bed room. The problem is when I file stuff away it goes literally away. I forget to ever go back and look at it again.
So important things are forgotten and then discarded when retrieved. I have an endless assortment of organizational products but they do NOT seem to help this issue! I have the greatest of intentions but I always seem to forget to keep going back through MY papers!
Do any of U have issues with sorting papers!
I use to be so organized that I couldn't allow myself to have anything out of order and NOW... let's leave it at NOW
I am curious to see IF any of U are as scattered with papers as I am! ♥ Cindy

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