Thursday, May 17, 2012


Today I was pondering on what I am grateful for and I realized my feet 
getting hurt again was a blessing.... It slowed ME down!  you might wonder why would I even think, let alone say it was a blessing.
The simple TRUTH is I would not have made a Pinterest!

I have had Insomnia for 3 months now and not being able to sleep led me to 
making a Pinterest. I found when I was pinning things I liked that there were a lot of people pinning Fibromyalgia stuff. I first found myself frustrated and I swore I would never ever-ever pin Fibromyalgia related information, but soon enough I started a Fibromyalgia board and I was busy pinning things.
I will be honest and tell you that I am not one that likes to look any longer than I have to at the word Fibromyalgia because it has taken so much from me.  As I was traveling through Google I found myself on Facebook looking for photos to pin to my boards. As I was looking through many Fibromyalgia pages I realized the information I was finding was making me so frustrated. I found some really good Fibro pages and then I found some Facebook pages that were putting false/misleading information up for others to read and learn from. On the good Fibro pages I was overwhelmed with the amount of information the page owner was posting. I would find the postings to have so much boggled information that I couldn't stay focused. I found myself frustrated because I would see things I wanted to read about, but the layout of the information was beyond confusing. One thing Fibromyalga has taken from me is my ability to concentrate for a length of time. I need to get the point and understand the point within a short period of time. I find most information is boggled with so much information that by the time I get done reading it (if I read it) I haven't a clue, nor do I remember. So, I thought to myself "what if I was to make a Fibro page and post things already broken up for an easier understanding." I thought about what if I found others out there that felt all alone and by me making a page this might help them to not feel so alone. What if they got the chance to talk to others and they found some understanding to what they were living with instead of all the judgement they were facing each day. I took my thoughts to GOD and I asked if this was a good idea or not. I heard the answer loud and clear. 

"If you make it, they will come."
This led me to making a Facebook Community Fibromyalgia page. I actually thought I would talk to myself for a while and then realize the page wasn't going to work and stop doing it. I didn't have a clue so many people would find there way to me.
Today I am very.... GRATEFUL!

GOD'S timing is AMAZING....
Because of my feet being hurt and insomnia, it led ME to Pinterest - which led ME to Facebook - which led ME to making FibroColors on Facebook!

I am GRATEFUL because if I had not re-injured both of my feet again I wouldn't have been playing on the computer and none of you would be reading this...

I am GRATEFUL for all of you that are reading this!  :))))))))))
<3 Cindy


  1. I am grateful for you! I love reading your posts, because you seem to always write what I am feeling!

  2. You are truly an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank U :))))))
    It is nice to see somebody is actually there....
    For a while I was convinced I was talking to myself!
    Thank God Bonnie said something and so have U :)