Friday, May 18, 2012


Today is the day that goals need to be set!
My Father is coming for a visit and he is in a wheel chair.  So this means making everything user friendly for him is a MUST.  He loves to go in my garage and I must say my garage would scare a robber away.  So Today my daughters and their friend is out cleaning the garage.  I keep going outside to give ideas but YIKES.  Today I need to make some decisions on what to do with the stuff.  Is it keep, give away, sell or donate?  I am stuck because I have things I have not used in years yet I might ONE DAY....
My mind is foggy and doesn't want to think Today :(
I will do my rebounder soon and hopefully that will clear some fog!
I am just sitting here I am thinking about when does the
ONE DAY come? I hate how everything seems to come down to waiting to see!  I tend to fall back in the trap of thinking about yesterday and I need to realize Today is not Yesterday anymore! Today is a new day!
I need to make changes... wish me luck! <3 Cindy 

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