Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hi Everybody,
I have been wondering about something. A few days ago I talked about MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I have been wondering how everybody is around candles! Do U notice any symptoms when around candles? For ME the symptoms come on fast. IF I am in a isle with a bunch of candles I will immediately notice my breathing pattern change, I will get a headache that starts between my eyes and I will start to feel dizzy... IF I don't get out of the isle ASAP I will also notice white specks falling in front of ME... I usually get these when I get migraines. I tend to become agitated or angry and my mood swings surface. :(
I have found that candles actually trigger a Fibro flare-up for ME. More times than NOT I end up having a migraine! I was curious how everybody else is with candles. I have been around some candles (meaning one candle one aroma) and I am OK... This does NOT happen very often at all. I do avoid candle isles!
I do NOT chance even a few minutes if possible. I know I get overwhelmed immediately and my health changes fast. I do NOT have any candles in my house for this very reason.
How are ALL of U with candles?

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