Friday, May 25, 2012


Today was a HARD day for ME, not only did I have a Charlie Horse wake me up. But I had them strike throughout the day!  :( 
My Father is here and I am enjoying the visit!
I did have a moment where he watched ME break down due to having
a severe Charlie Horse :( I am NOT proud of that because I do NOT like to let others see how bad I am doing!
 On a good note our garden is nearly all planted :)
I did NOT get to be a part of it due to my feet but all in all the girls and my Mom and Dad did a great job!  I was fortunate enough to be able to take
the 4 wheeler out to the garden to get to see the progress!

The BEST part of my day was watching from my kitchen window and seeing my Dad using his camera to take pictures of my Mom and the girls!
Everybody was so dirty and HaPpY :)

I had a moment of jealousy, but I got over it because I got to see the moment! I am about to have a hot cup of tea with honey, I know the honey has Potassium in it and I can use all I can get right now!
Hope EVERYBODY has a great night! <3 Cindy

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