Friday, May 4, 2012


It has been a couple of really bad days for me!
I fractured both feet, tore ligaments in both feet and damaged both Achilles tendons 4 years ago... I was told my feet would never fully heal by every Specialist I seen.
I was told I probably wouldn't be able to walk right either. 

I disagreed with everyBODY!
I believed they would get better and I would walk right again and I did....

Because of Fibromyalgia and the inability to fully heal due to a compromised immune system I tend to have relapses with my feet.  Yesterday I woke up with both feet swollen and black and blue... Tonight they are throbbing and nothing makes the pain any better or the discomfort.  My feet do not look like feet tonight!  I know the inflammation is due to the injury never fully healing... I need to focus on the fact I have been through this before and Fibromyalgia has sure given me endurance.

As everyBODY who deals with Fibromyalgia knows health issues cause fibro flares.
So I am in a full flare right now :(

Wishing everyBODY a GREAT night!

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