Wednesday, May 2, 2012


One thing I learned over the years is how music can ease pain.
I find when I put music on my mind becomes absorbed in the melody.
I find that my body relaxes and the tension and anxiety of the pain fades.
I am not saying this takes away the Fibromyalgia pain in any way.
I am saying it HELPS....

It is kind of like..... Music and Mind over Fibromyalgia.
Once engaged in the music the mind becomes focused on the tunes, lyrics or
melody.  This is a known relaxer!
I am not saying putting on some loud, banging music will calm you.
I find if I am sad or melancholy I tend to listen to happier calming music.
Do not get me wrong some days I search out sad music!  Yes, this might seem 
a little crazy but on those bad days I want to cry...
I find after a good cry some tension releases but sometimes I find more pain.
Fibromyalgia is mystifying! 
I say this because some days I can't handle any music whatsoever....
Because of my sensitivities to noise I never have a clue of what to expect.
I find if I am getting agitated from the noise I need to quiet the house down.
I have made a list of songs I like to listen to when I am happy, sad or angry....
I would suggest taking some time to do this!

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