Monday, May 14, 2012

Muscle spasm

Did U know that it takes more energy for a muscle to relax than to contract?
I did some research today and I now have a better understanding to what is happening.

For our muscles to contract small pouches in a cell have to release calcium.  For the muscles to relax the cell needs to pump calcium back into the pouch.  Problem is when energy is depleted this can't be done and therefore the muscle stays contracted.

The reason we do not have enough energy is because of lack of nutrition or excess demand for nutrition.  Because of this the muscles are affected and cause havoc throughout our body. 

Other issues that affect our muscles
Potassium and Magnesium deficiency
Calcium deficiency
Poor blood circulation
Overexertion while exercising
Muscle fatigue
Pinched nerves or malfunctioning nerves
Insufficient stretching of the muscles

Due to all of these issues it is no wonder WE all have so much pain throughout our body.
The inability for the muscle to relax due to the stress it is under leads to Insomnia.

So basically what I am going to do is  rub and stretch my muscles.  I am going to push water like crazy.  I am going to take the vitamins we are depleted in and work on eating nutritious foods that are easily absorbed....

If U do have a muscle spasm or a "Charlie horse" stretch the muscle or take a bath with Epsom salt.

The biggest thing I am going to do is try to learn to relax.
This is my biggest failure!  My body is always tense and this only adds to the pain I endure from Fibromyalgia.... I believe learning to relax is the key to solving a lot of my problems.  I am not saying it will take Fibromyalgia away but I do believe it will help with the pain I endure!


  1. Thanks for the information. I just bought a yoga mat that has stretching exercises printed on the mat(Self-Guiding Womens Yoga Mat (EA)from I've been using one at my physical therapy, so I decided to get one to use at home. I'm hoping the stretching will help with the leg cramps I've been getting at night.

  2. BONNIE, That is a great idea!
    The stretching will help just don't do it to aggressive! I have both of my Achilles tendons damaged and I sometimes think I know better... IF U push to hard U can actually cause the spasms to come! I know this because I have done it to myself :0

  3. That is great information. Makes sense too. I am so toxic I know because my muscles are never relaxed. I think our adrenal glands are partly to blame though for the lack of energy. I've been checked numerous times with blood tests, doctors say i am not deficient in any of the vitamins. I'm not certain they are correct tests, but that's what they tell me anyway and I agree with post above me about being careful. I have experienced Achilles tendinitis and still have trouble with it.

  4. Karen, Toxic is the Answer!
    Sorry to hear U deal with Achilles tendinitis. :(
    U know then how painful that can get to be!
    The adrenal glands are to blame a lot of the time and those tests are not accurate!
    Think about the test for Lupus U have to be in a flare in order to get a positive read.
    Nothing is easy for US to understand!