Saturday, May 26, 2012


Did U know.....
Garlic is a very powerful antioxidant and has MANY healing properties. 

It has Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-parasitic and Anti-viral properties that can protect you against a wide variety of harmful, disease-causing microbes and organisms.

I will make a partial list of some of the benefits to taking garlic.

Destroys bacteria
Kills fungus infections
Kills parasites 
Kills viruses.
Reduces free radicals
Helps prevent build up in arteries and may even reduce it.
Boosts immune system
Balances blood sugar
Prevents the oxidation of cholesterol
Lowers blood cholesterol levels
Assists in fat metabolism
Reduces high blood pressure
Useful in treating digestive conditions
Exhibits powerful anti-cancer properties
Provides relief from rheumatism

I personally use garlic in nearly everything I make!  I use garlic instead of Anti-biotics,
I use garlic when I have a sore throat, cough or respiratory problem.  Garlic is a great expectorant! 
For ME the main reason I eat garlic besides liking the taste is there are NO dangerous side effects!  It is VERY inexpensive and I can put it in nearly everything I make and the taste is wonderful.

Please consider trying garlic.  It does NOT matter whether U eat it or take pill form as long as U get it into your body.  Garlic ONLY destroys harmful micro-organisms in the body and it leaves ALL the good and friendly bacteria alone.  Because of this the good bacteria is able to thrive in the body.

U might be wondering 'why do I need to worry about good bacteria?'  Answer is - without good bacteria in your body U are susceptible to other digestive ailments, infections and yeast overgrowth.  I personally take a probiotic (DR Ohhira probiotic 12 plus) 

The list for health benefits from garlic goes ON and ON......
Please consider taking garlic.  <3 Cindy


  1. I love garlic! I use it in about everything I make!

  2. Bonnie ME too!
    This is one of my top favorite things to ALWAYS have on hand :)))))