Friday, May 4, 2012


The only true way to really experience something is going through it!
I can honestly say I UNDERSTAND the suffering and enduring Fibromyalgia
does on the Soul. I believe GOD takes us through things to give us knowledge in
order to help others.
If I would have been asked if I understood suffering before Fibromyalgia I would of said yes.  But to be completely honest I knew nothing about total suffering...
I suffer greatly at times by the hand of an invisible Monster...

I call it a Monster because it is!

I have days I am scared to death that the Monster is never going to let me feel better.
I have days I wait to see if the Monster is going to make me hurt more than I already do.
I have days the Monster plays hide n seek with the pain.
I have days the Monster causes me mood swings that I start to become the Monster.
I have days I look like the Monster.

Fibromyalgia is a Monster!

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