Thursday, May 31, 2012


Do U suffer from dizziness?  I do!
I find it very irritating and very disabling at times.  Dizziness is pretty much a blanket term for anything that makes US feel off kilter or centered.  I generally always feel lightheaded.  Some days are better than others and I do find when I am stressed my dizziness level increases immensely.
For most people dizziness is caused by motion, pregnancy, drinking, illness and medicine.
The equilibrium  is all messed up and the brain is receiving signals from our eyes, ears, skin and muscles... They are all sensing different things... For example while driving our eyes might be focused on one thing but our body is bouncing all around... Which makes sense! 
Did U know more than 2/3 of people with Fibromyalgia have regular or daily dizziness.
It is believed that it is because our bodies have a problem with circulating blood.
NMH can cause dizziness, weakness, sweating and lightheaded-ness.   Because of this regulating the blood pressure level is difficult.  Our heart rate usually decreases which prevents the amount of blood WE need to go throughout the body... This leads to dizziness and fainting! 

Types of Dizziness.....

Vertigo:  The sensation that you are spinning or whirling. Sometimes it can also cause you to feel as if you are tilting or floating. Vertigo and nausea often occur together and can last for as long as three days. Vertigo also tends to cause your eyes to swing back and forth slightly. This is referred to as nystagmus. Causes of vertigo may include problems with inner ear dizziness.

Unsteadiness:   Unsteadiness makes you feel as if you are off-balance. It can cause you to stagger or even fall down. Also referred to as disequilibrium, unsteadiness can be the result of poor vision and arthritis. 

Lightheaded-ness:   Lightheaded-ness is a type of dizziness that makes your head feel lighter than the rest of your body.  It can cause nausea and is often accompanied by unsteadiness.
Near Fainting:   Near fainting is a kind of dizziness that makes you feel as if you are going to pass out. It often occurs when you stand up after sitting for a long time. You may experience blurred vision or sudden blackouts in vision. This type of dizziness is usually caused by a lack of blood flow to the brain.

Symptoms Associated with Dizziness
  • headache
  • fainting or near fainting
  • sweating or chills
  • blurred vision
  • hearing problems, including tinnitus

IF dizziness is severe please get this checked out immediately... I have noticed I am always slightly dizzy.  I have learned certain smells will trigger ME to get off balance fast as well as noises and light sensitivity.... STRESS is a huge factor!  

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