Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Water is the most essential substance in our diet.  The human body is made up of 60% water.  Every part of our body NEEDS water.  Now if WE get on the subject of Fibromyalgia WE need to drink our water to help flush out the toxins WE have absorbed.  It doesn’t matter if WE drink pop, take medication or use laxatives and diuretics - they ALL dehydrate us.
Anytime WE add a chemical additive, preservative, or toxin WE cause dehydration.  Because when WE are exposed to or try to consume something that the Liver perceives is toxic, the Liver will then work to try to rid the body of the toxin.  The Liver will send messages to the Kidneys to increase urination.  If U continue to ingest more toxic substances the Liver and the Kidneys will constantly be in a detoxification cycle.

WE need to keep our organs hydrated….
Please add water to your daily routine! 

Remember Veggies can attribute a GREAT percentage of water to your diet!
So drink your WATER and eat your VEGGIES :)

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